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The Lords' Alliance is a political and economic coalition of cities spread throughout the North and the Sword Coast. The alliance owes its success to effective cooperation and diplomacy between its members, who work to align their separate settlements toward a mutual purpose. This cooperation is easier during times of crisis, making the Lords' Alliance a powerful force when threats require a united front.

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Alliance Ideals

The Lords’ Alliance is a loose coalition of established political powers concerned with mutual security and prosperity. The organization is aggressive, militant, and political. Fighters and sorcerers of lawful or neutral alignments are commonly drawn to the Lords’ Alliance.


  • Ensure the safety and prosperity of cities and other settlements of Faerûn.
  • Maintain a strong coalition against the forces of disorder.
  • Proactively eliminate threats to the established powers.
  • Bring honor and glory to one’s leaders and one’s homeland.


  • If civilization is to survive, all must unite against the dark forces that threaten it.
  • Fight for your realm. Only you can bring honor, glory, and prosperity to your lord and homeland.
  • Don’t wait for the enemy to come to you. The best defense is a strong offense.

Lords' Alliance Ranks

The agents of the Lords' Alliance work to maintain the delicate network of information and diplomacy that sustains their order, alert for anything that might threaten the alliance's interests.

  • Cloak (1 Renown)
  • Redknife (3 Renown)
  • Stingblade (10 Renown)
  • Warduke (25 Renown)
  • Lioncrown (50 Renown)

RANK 1: Cloak (1 Renown)

This is the rank a character receives when first joining the Lords' Alliance. For more information on the general benefits of this rank, refer to Factions.

Receive Your Faction's Insignia. The insignia for the Lords' Alliance is a signet ring etched with the Alliance symbol of the crown.

RANK 2: Redknife (3 Renown)

Redknives have shown that they are aligned with the Alliance's goals, and can take on more responsibility. For more information on the general benefits of this rank, refer to Factions.

Faction Training. The Lords' Alliance offers training in Jeweler's tools, Mason’s tools, Navigator’s tools, Painter's supplies, Gaming Set, or Any Standard Language.

RANK 3: Stingblade (10 Renown)

Stingblades are reliable faction agents, entrusted with many secrets and deserving of additional support during adventures. For more information on the general benefits of this rank, refer to Factions.

Item Procurement. The Lords' Alliance can procure the following items for a Stingblade:

  • Uncommon rarity: +1 weapon or +1 shield, ring of mind shielding
  • Rare rarity: +1 armor, cloak of the mountebank

RANK 4: Warduke (25 Renown)

Wardukes are trusted voices within the Lords' Alliance. They are looked up as champions of the Alliance. For more information on the general benefits of this rank, refer to Factions.

Becoming a Mentor. The Lords' Alliance can requisition a lords' alliance guard or lords' alliance spy to serve the Warduke.

Lords' Alliance Contacts

Council of Lords

  • Piergeiron Paladinson, Open Lord of Waterdeep
  • Dagult Neverember, Lord Protector of Neverwinter
  • Taern Hornblade, High Mage of Silverymoon
  • Ulder Ravengard, Grand Duke of Baldur's Gate
  • Morwen Daggerford, Duchess of Daggerford
  • Selin Ramur, Marchion of Mirabar
  • Dowell Harpell of Longsaddle
  • Dagnabbet Waybeard, Queen of Mithral Hall
  • Lord Dauner Ilzimmer of Amphail
  • Nestra Ruthiol, Waterbaron of Yartar

Notable Members of the Alliance

  • Ad Avis, vizier to Pasha Arhapan of Calimport

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