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The reach of the Emerald Enclave stretches far and wide across Faerun. Living deep in the wilderness demands great fortitude and the mastery of certain fighting and survival skills. The enclave is charged with defending sacred groves, protecting endangered beasts that cannot fend for themselves, and preserving the natural balance.

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Enclave Ideals

The Emerald Enclave is a widespread group of wilderness survivalists who preserve the natural order while rooting out unnatural threats. The organization is decentralized, hardy, and reclusive. Barbarians, druids, and rangers of good or neutral alignments are commonly drawn to the Emerald Enclave.


  • Restore and preserve the natural order.
  • Destroy all that is unnatural.
  • Keep the elemental forces of the world in check.
  • Keep civilization and the wilderness from destroying each other.


  • The natural order must be respected and preserved.
  • Forces that upset the natural order must be destroyed.
  • Civilization and the wilderness must learn to coexist peacefully.

Emerald Enclave Ranks

Members of the Emerald Enclave usually operate in isolation, relying on their own instincts and abilities to survive. Some, however, engage with the people of the world as protectors, emerging from the wilderness to help others survive its perils. At times, all are called together to combat foes great enough to disrupt the natural order of the land.

The Emerald Enclave comprises mostly druids and rangers, but welcome all with a strong tie to nature and a willingness to live with the land.

  • Springwarden (1 Renown)
  • Summerstrider (3 Renown)
  • Autumnreaver (10 Renown)
  • Winterstalker (25 Renown)
  • Master of the Wild (50 Renown)

RANK 1: Springwarden (1 Renown)

This is the rank a character receives when first joining the Emerald Enclave. For more information on the general benefits of this rank, refer to Factions.

Receive Your Faction's Insignia. The insignia for the Emerald Enclave is a copper cloak clasp in the shape of a leaf and accented with green enamel.

RANK 2: Summerstrider (3 Renown)

Summerstriders have shown that they are aligned with the Enclave's goals, and can take on more responsibility. For more information on the general benefits of this rank, refer to Factions.

Faction Training. The Emerald Enclave offers training in Herbalism kit, Woodcarver’s tools, or Cartographer's tools.

RANK 3: Autumnreaver (10 Renown)

Autumnreavers are reliable faction agents, entrusted with many secrets and deserving of additional support during adventures. For more information on the general benefits of this rank, refer to Factions.

Item Procurement. The Emerald Enclave can procure the following items for an Autumnreaver:

  • Uncommon rarity: +1 weapon or +1 shield, cloak of the manta ray
  • Rare rarity: +1 armor, ring of animal influence

RANK 4: Winterstalker (25 Renown)

Winterstalkers are trusted voices within the Emerald Enclave. They are looked up as champions of the Enclave. For more information on the general benefits of this rank, refer to Factions.

Becoming a Mentor. The Emerald Enclave can requisition an emerald enclave scout or emerald enclave druid to serve the Winterstalker.

Emerald Enclave Contacts

Notable Members of the Enclave

  • Drizzt Do'Urden, renegade drow champion
  • Shade, self-exiled ranger of the Chondalwood
  • Tik-Tik, druid of the great desert
  • Rowan Redbud, druid of the Neverwinter Wood
  • Sladis Vadir, vermin lord and member of the Underdark Expeditionary Force
  • Amarith Coppervein, former zoo owner and member of the Expeditionary Force

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