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The appearance of the Dark Prince of Pleasure serves as a warning that not all beautiful things are good. Graz'zt considers restriction the only sin, and eagerly takes what he wants.

Graz'zt is an ancillary character in Out of the Abyss but plays a major role in the Rage of Demons saga.


Standing nearly nine feet tall, Graz'zt strikes the perfect figure of untamed desire, every plane and curve of his body, every glance of his burning green eyes, promising a mixture of pleasure and pain. His skin is dark violet and a crown of small horns surrounds his head. A subtle wrongness pervades his beauty, from the cruel cast of his features to the six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot.

Graz'zt can also transform himself at will, appearing in any humanoid form that pleases him, or his onlookers, all equally tempting in their own ways.


Graz'zt surrounds himself with the finest of things and the most attractive of servants, and he adorns himself in silks and leathers both striking and disturbing in their workmanship. His lair, and those of his cultists, are pleasure palaces where nothing is forbidden, save moderation or kindness. Although he prefers charm and subtle manipulation, Graz'zt is capable of terrible violence when provoked.


Statistics for Graz'zt can be found in the Out of the Abyss sourcebook.

The demon lord and his corruption can also induce special forms of madness, which are also detailed in the Out of the Abyss sourcebook.


He wields the greatsword Angdrelve, the Wave of Sorrow, its wavy, razor-edged blade dripping acid at his command.


Cults devoted to Graz'zt are secret societies of indulgence, often using their debauchery to subjugate others through blackmail, addiction, and manipulation. They frequently wear alabaster masks with ecstatic expressions and ostentatious dress and body ornamentations to their secret assignations.

On his home plane of Azzagrat, in the city of Zelatar, he is served faithfully by two mariliths named Unhath and Reluhantis. Statistics can be found in the Monster Manual.

On the material plane, his major-domo, Verin, accommodates all of his needs.

He is also attended by his son, Arzial, the Blooded Baron, who uses the cambion statistics found in the Monster Manual.

In addition to Verin and Arzial, Graz'zt has several succubi bound to his service gathering information for him. One is currently in the guise of Lord Walden, a noble of Waterdeep and member of The Lords' Alliance, who is tasked by Graz'zt to discover the location of a tome known as the Demonomicon of Iggwilv. Two others aid Lord Walden's pursuit, impersonating Lords' Alliance recruits with the aim of observing and blackmailing Sir Nathaniel Strayl. A fourth whispers dark words in the ears of Deepking Horgar Steelshadow V in the form of Shal, a duergar consort.


While he may not have been one of the earliest demon lords created for Dungeons & Dragons, he is certainly one of the most beloved. Graz'zt was originally created by Gary Gygax for the module The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth in 1982. He was later detailed in the Monster Manual II, published in 1983. In the final print edition of Dragon Magazine, Graz'zt was named as one of the 10 greatest villains in Dungeons & Dragons history.

In Rage of Demons

The motivations of Graz'zt are largely unknown to Khuuhrukehul, Mauser Crystalfist, and Tik-Tik. His inclusion in the Book of the Eight implies that Graz'zt was, indeed, drawn to the Underdark as the other demon lords were. However, his current location and intentions remain a mystery.

After investigating the blackmail of Nathaniel Strayl in Waterdeep, Emerick Faramond discovered that Graz'zt was able to use his succubi to obtain a tome known as the Demonomicon of Iggwilv from the archives of Blackstaff Tower. What he intends to do with this tome is also a mystery.