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Adventure Overview

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The Players

  • Eldrin Liadon - A haughty high elf rogue who trades in all things arcane
  • Mordekai - A brash tiefling bard with a penchant for harsh words and loud music
    • Prophecy - "In the lands of the fey you shalt find many fans and two fanatics. To find the fame you desire, you must fly upon the zephyrs, you must burn amongst the embers, you must drown amongst the waves. Only then shall you be reborn to this world in the manner most desired." - As foretold by Madame Esme.
  • Roland Daybreaker - A mysterious aasimar from a noble Waterdhavian household whose nights are oft troubled with visions

Other Party Members

  • Kaeon Calcos - A rigid and unyielding lizardman monk who follows the neutral path of the sun god Amaunator
  • Nane N'dhaan - A stoic genasi wizard with a mysterious past
    • Legend Lore - "I see a tower of fel magic in the bosom of the earth. I see you, Nane N'dhaan. Born into a dark and dismal temple. Never alone in birth or brood. Adopted siblings, born betwixt the slave mares and the elemental wish. Some fair, like unto thyself, yet many more foul, accursed of body or spirit. Two already you have met and slain, but they are not akin to thee.
    • Akin to thee, there are but three. For they, like thee, carry the same dread purpose. Thy purpose… thy purpose… thy purpose is beyond the comprehension of surfacers. Seek further and suffer the same fate as this putrid flesh." -As foretold by Madame Esme, just prior to going mad and gouging out her eyes.
  • Pangur Ban - A fiercely curious tabaxi cleric who desires exploration above all else
    • Prophecy - "On the first endless night you will meet your second shadow. You shall need its help as much as it needs yours. This you shall learn in the city of Evernight, the place that hides a shard of Law."
  • Rancin - A crude goblin barbarian from Wyvern Tor who respects no social custom
  • Thonk - A curious kenku ranger whose bravery belies his youth


Campaign Characters

  • Aerisi Kalinoth - The Prophet of Air
  • Gar Shatterkeel - The Prophet of Water
  • Marlos Urnrayle - The Prophet of Earth
  • Vanifer - The Prophet of Fire
  • Bastian Thermandar
  • Savra Belabranta
  • Windharrow
  • Jolliver Grimjaw
  • Chalaska Muruin
  • Lorren
  • Spugnoir
  • Morgwais - Lady of the Wood

Elemental Princes of Evil

  • Yan-C-Bin - Prince of Air
  • Olhydra - Princess of Water
  • Imix - Prince of Fire
  • Ogremoch - Prince of Earth