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Water Cultist secret hand signal


  • Gar Shatterkeel - Crab-clawed barnacle man, Prophet of Water
    • Jolliver Grimjaw - Asshole dwarf who runs the water cultists' river fortress.

Elemental Prince

  • Olhydra - Princess of Water


  • The party found the bodies of several water cultists, draped in seaweed, who appeared to have been killed by earth cultists. The party used these along with some feathergale knight outfits to infiltrate the water cult's stronghold on the river, some posing as guards for an emmisaries from the air cultists (Thonk and Roland.)
  • We were brought before the camp leaders and convinced them of our story, Mordekai was put to work and the party learned of the piracy and slavery going on there. We also found a secret underground river that connects to an ancient Dwarven ruin that the water cult appears to be excavating.
  • We were ordered to join a raiding party who was to attack a merchant shipment to Bargewright Inn and enslave the crew. On the way there we were attacked by earth cultists and we made a point to let them see air cultists on board.
  • Just as we were about to board the merchant vessel, we staged an uprising below deck and killed all the pirates just before they could attack their prey.
  • We enlisted the help of the merchant ship to continue our ruse by pretending to have captured their ship and bringing them back to the water stronghold in disguise as cultists and slaves.